Holmesglen Club Support Service: Streamlining work assistance

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For the last 8 years the VAFA and Holmesglen have been in partnership with this partnership continuing in 2023. Elements of this partnership include the naming of the VAFA Holmesglen U19’s competition, Holmesglen U19’s ball sponsorship and the provision of programs designed to support VAFA clubs. In 2023 this partnership extends to the Club Support Services: Streamlining Work Assistance program.

The Club Support Services: Streamlining Work Assistance program provides VAFA clubs access to Holmesglen enrolled students to support strategic and operational work activities at VAFA Clubs in a variety of disciplines including Sports marketing, Hospitality, Health/Physio and Event Management. VAFA Clubs can contact Holmesglen and request the support of students in specific areas. Holmesglen students have previously worked with 50+ VAFA clubs to create social media strategies, marketing plans, sponsorship proposals and digital media.

See the attached Partnership slides and table on page 3 for an in-depth overview of students that are made accessible to VAFA clubs, the number of students available and some of the duties that can be undertaken by students.

The VAFA would highly recommend any clubs who are interested in the Club support services: Streamlining Work Assistance program to move proactively and swiftly to secure the support of a student. If your club is interested in securing the services of a Holmesglen student please reach out directly to the appropriate contacts listed below or reach out to VAFA Clubs & Community Manager, Sean Walker.

2023 VAFA Partnership - Club Support Services (1)


Sports Media/Business
Associate Dean – Higher Education
[email protected]

Dean – Faculty Of Education, Services And Environment
[email protected]

Head Of Department – Allied Health Services & Science
[email protected]

General Enquiries
Manager – Marketing, Advertising And Events
[email protected]

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