Round 4 Anytime Fitness Women’s Rising Star: Kelsey Clark

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The VAFA congratulates Kelsey Clark from Old Trinity on receiving the Round 4 Anytime Fitness Women’s Rising Star nomination for her 2-goal best-on-ground performance against Therry on the weekend.

What the club said:

Although Kelsey is only playing in her second season for Old Trinity’s Women’s team, her impact on the team has been marked. Always motivated, Kels lifts her team-mates by providing constant encouragement and high energy at all trainings and games. Her presence is particularly strong on game day, as she uses her experience and voice to direct players and provide excellent on-field leadership.

Although Kelsey is one of our team’s youngest players at 19 years of age, she is incredibly well respected and admired by all her team-mates for her maturity and her reliability. Equally, she is highly regarded for her formidable playing style.
In the words of Coach Deano: “I can throw Kelsey into any position on the ground as I know I’ll get a contest from her and, like all my players, is an absolute pleasure to coach.”
Kelsey’s pure strength in the contest is one of her biggest assets.
Whether it’s taking big marks at full-forward, negating the opposition player in a one-on-one contest in the back-line, or providing some strong back-up in the ruck, Kelsey is the epitome of a versatile and powerful competitor.
Through her determination to get her team across the line, Kelsey plays with passion and represents the Old Trinity Football brand with pride.