Uni Blues sneak up on Old Brighton whilst St Bernards remain winless

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Bailey Berry

A thick fog sat upon suburban Melbourne last Saturday as round 5 got underway. Thus far, the Holmesglen U19 Premier section has been proved to be near inscrutable and highly competitive. 13 rounds remain this season, and so far, majority of teams have proved they will be challenging come September. The round showcased some impressive individual performances. Some of the brightest stars in this section have also begun to feature in their respective club’s senior sides, a great sign for the future of the VAFA competition.

Old Brighton def by. University Blues by 8 points

This was an intense and competitive clash between two talented teams. In the end, University Blues emerged victorious, defeating Old Brighton in a thrilling come from behind fashion.

The match showcased the skill and determination of both sides. Right from the first bounce, it was clear that both teams were eager to secure the victory at this crucial point of the season.

University Blues demonstrated great attacking prowess, constantly and consistently applying pressure on Old Brighton’s defence. Their offensive coordination and well-executed ball movement allowed them to create numerous scoring opportunities. A. Dowsley played a monster role in Uni’s victory, scoring six majors in his first game for the season. J. McMahon, A. Bain, A. Ritchie, T. Ingram and E. Wallis were the best afield for the winning side.

On the other hand, Old Brighton fought hard but couldn’t hold out the well drilled Blues. J. Campigli, A. Corke, R. Agg, and L. Travers showcased their goal-scoring abilities, each contributing two goals.

Old Brighton will aim to bounce back against De La Salle this weekend. Uni Blues will face Williamstown CYMS.

Old Scotch def by Caufield Grammarians by 3 points.

From the outset, it was evident that this match was going to be a tight contest. The midfield battle was intense from the first bounce.

Old Scotch demonstrated a strong attacking presence, spearheaded by H. Robenstone. His individual performance was exceptional, displaying clinical finishing and contributing five goals to Old Scotch’s victory.

Caulfield Grammarians showed resilience and fought hard throughout the match. J. Wallace, L. Bevis, Z. Fraser, O. Ruddock and F. Batzias unloaded everything in their arsenal in an effort to secure the victory. J. Hill was particularly impressive, scoring three majors and providing a constant attacking threat. T. Warner also stood out with his three goals, demonstrating his goal-kicking ability.

The match witnessed several standout moments, both sides were in the contest until the final siren. Both Old Scotch and Caulfield Grammarians clearly proved they’re in for the fight come September.

Old Scotch will go up against Xavier in round 6. Caufield will host SBMT at Caufield Grammar School this weekend.

St. Kevins def. De La Salle by 52 points.

St. Kevins continued their stellar form and sit atop of the Holmesglen U19 Premier section. In a thrilling clash against De La Salle, they emerged victorious with a dominant display.

The match showcased the determination and poise of St. Kevins from the opening whistle. Their dominance across every line was evident.

St. Kevins displayed a strong attacking presence, with their forwards showcasing exceptional goal-kicking ability. P. Carracher led the way with an outstanding performance, contributing four majors to St. Kevins’ impressive tally. It was a remarkable team effort from the home side, with notable contributions from C. Chaffey, T. Feehan, W. Pfeiffer, and A. Butler.

On the other side, De La Salle put up a spirited fight. They’re struggling to build form but are a talented side. H. Pietsch, L. Healy, K. Rossiter, A. Sheedy, P. Russell, and S. Cross displayed resilience and determination throughout the entire contest.

De La Salle will look to resurrect their form against Old Brighton this weekend. St. Kevins will face the struggling St. Bernards.

Old Xavierians def. Williamstown CYMS by 18 points.

In an exciting clash, Old Xavierians, currently sitting second on the ladder, secured a hard-fought victory against Williamstown CYMS

Old Xavierians entered the match aiming to maintain their strong position on the ladder. Their forwards, led by standout performances from W. Exell and T. Gorman, showcased critical conversion and contributed three majors each to the team’s victory. The winning side was not only limited to their goal scorers, but also owed to the efforts of their best players on the day, including W. Stevens, J. Sassi, B. Moyle, S. Hansen, T. Gorman, and K. Walford.

Key players from Williamstown CYMS, such as C. Vicino, N. Sayers, A. Fernandes, J. McHale, J. Raymond, and S. Elford, showcased their skills and determination, striving to bring their team back into the game. Their efforts were notable, but they were unable to overcome Old Xavierians’ strong performance.

With their win against Williamstown CYMS, Old Xavierians continued to solidify their position near the top of the ladder. Their relentless pursuit of success and consistent impressive performances from key players confirms their potential as strong contenders in 2023.

Xavier will travel to face Old Scotch this week. The CY’s will face Uni Blues at home.

St. Bernards def by. St. Bedes/Mentone Tigers by 52 points.

St. Bernards sluggish start to the season unfortunately continues. They hosted SBMT at home but couldn’t utilise that advantage.

SBMT had control for the duration of the contest. Their defensive line was rock solid, led by fullback J. Bolton. B. Bawden, J. Harding, L. Dunn & J. Turner were the standouts for the Tigers.

You can’t fault St. Bernards’ effort. They’re giving all they can to secure their first win of the season. They need to desperately recalibrate before it’s too late. W. O”Connell, L. Hallett, D. Nettleton, A. Ryan, T. Basile and T. Lowrie did all they could to keep St. Bernards in the game.

SBMT will travel to Caufield in round 6. St. Bernards will go up against an inform St. Kevins.

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