De La Salle begin to build and Old Brighton upset Old Xavs

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Bailey Berry

The Holmesglen U19 Premier section is heating up as we approach the halfway point of the 2023 VAFA season. Some upsets and tight contests in Round 7 have only left us wanting more!

Old Brighton def. Old Xaverians by 14 points.

In a remarkable turn of events, Old Brighton managed to keep their season alive with a memorable come-from-behind victory against the reigning premiers. The match was a rollercoaster of emotions, but Old Brighton displayed exceptional composure under pressure. It was in the second half that they found their footing and took control of the contest, ultimately securing a well-deserved win.

The standout performances of A. Corke, T. Marriott, M. Hofmann, J. Campigli, C. Schwerdt, and T. Howden cannot be overstated. Their skill and poise on the field was nothing short of outstanding. Each player showcased their individual ability, contributing significantly to Old Brighton’s successful outing. Their collective efforts and leadership were instrumental in guiding the team to their third win of the season, providing a much-needed boost to their campaign.

Meanwhile, Xavier, despite suffering a narrow defeat, will now have to regroup and reset. This powerhouse might be showing subtle signs of premiership fatigue, indicating the challenges of maintaining a high level of performance. Nonetheless, N. Honeyman, F. Visentini, M. Mahommed, and L. Moore fought courageously to drag Xavier over the line, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of victory.

Looking ahead, Old Brighton will embark on a journey to face the CYs in Williamstown, hoping to continue their winning momentum. Xavier, on the other hand, has an exciting clash against Uni Blues in Round 8, presenting an opportunity for them to bounce back and reclaim their spark of success.

Caulfield Grammarians def. University Blues by 6 points.

In yet another nail-biting contest, Caulfield emerged victorious with an important win over University Blues in a tightly contested match at home. Despite the Blues’ relentless efforts to counter and regain control, Caulfield managed to maintain their composure and hold on to their lead.

Caulfield’s efficiency in front of goal played a pivotal role in their triumph. Their ability to convert scoring opportunities proved decisive, with T. Warner, L. Trumble, and J. Freedman receiving well-deserved praise for their goal-scoring abilities. Together, they combined to contribute an impressive total of seven majors, showcasing their impact on the contest.

Uni Blues, although still sitting within the top four, recognises the significance of securing these crucial wins to position themselves for success come September. Their start to the season has been commendable, displaying consistent performances and solidifying their status as a competitive force. L. Boyle was recognised as the best player on the field, demonstrating his skill and influence by contributing three goals to his team’s tally.

Looking ahead, Caulfield faces another formidable challenge as they prepare to take on the in-form De La Salle in their upcoming match. It will be a test of resilience and their ability to maintain winning momentum. Meanwhile, University Blues is set for a head-to-head clash with Old Xavierians; a match that presents an opportunity for them to showcase their determination and ambition against a strong opponent.

St Kevins def. Old Scotch by 31 points.

St Kevins continue their rampage in the U19 Premier division, showcasing their unwavering strength as they comfortably put away the formidable Old Scotch. The match was a testament to St Kevins’ exceptional talent and cohesive gameplan, as they continued their riot through the competition.

X. Duke, W. Pfeiffer, C. Chaffey, S. Jones, B. Bryan, and A. Butler stood out, displaying a level of skill and prowess that set them apart from the rest. Their performances were truly exceptional, highlighting the depth of talent within the St Kevins squad. With each passing match, St Kevins continues to impress, leaving no doubt about their status as one of the top teams in the competition.

On the other hand, Old Scotch endured a slow start in the match and struggled to regain their balance. Their inconsistency has been a recurring issue throughout the season, preventing them from stringing together strong performances. As a result, they find themselves second to last on the ladder, with their season gradually slipping away.

In an effort to revive their campaign, Old Scotch will face St Bernards, who currently occupy the bottom spot on the ladder. This match presents an opportunity for Old Scotch to re-establish their form and regain some much-needed momentum. Meanwhile, St Kevins will go head-to-head with SBMT, another significant challenge for the formidable team.

St Bedes/Mentone Tigers def by. De La Salle by 3 points.

In a thrilling and tightly contested match at Brindisi St, De La Salle showcased their resurgent form at the expense of SBMT. The contest between the two teams proved to be the match of the round, with both sides fighting tooth and nail for the victory.

Despite falling short by a mere 3 points, SBMT’s standout player J. Ryder continued to lead by example and build an impressive individual season. Ryder’s consistent performances have been a bright spot for the young Tigers, who have emerged as one of the surprise packages of the season thus far. Despite injuries and unavailability of key players, SBMT has shown resilience and determination, consistently stepping up and giving their all on the field.

On the other hand, De La Salle seems to have found their rhythm and is beginning to hit their stride. Recent performances from the team have been marked by a level of excellence, suggesting that something has clicked within their ranks. S. Filiopovic has been in terrific form, delivering impactful performances and making significant contributions on the scoreboard. Filiopovic’s standout efforts were acknowledged as he was named the best player on the field.

Looking ahead, De La Salle will face a challenging test in their upcoming Round 8 clash against Caulfield. The match will provide an opportunity for De La Salle to continue their impressive form and solidify their position. SBMT, on the other hand, will be pitted against the formidable St Kevins, a true test of their depth as they seek to challenge themselves against one of the competition’s strongest teams.

As the season progresses, both De La Salle and SBMT will aim to build upon their recent performances and capitalise on the positive momentum. De La Salle eager to extend their winning streak, and SBMT determined to showcase their fighting spirit once again.

Williamstown CYMS def. St Bernards by 123 points.

In a straightforward and dominant performance, Williamstown comfortably secured victory over St Bernard’s last Saturday, ticking the box and adding a valuable percentage boost to their season’s tally. The comprehensive win is expected to strengthen their position in the race for finals this year.

Z. Provest emerged as the standout player, delivering a sensational performance that earned him the clear best-on-ground honours. Provest’s impact was felt throughout the game as he, together with A. Williams, contributed a remarkable 15 goals collectively. Their combined efforts in front of goal showcased their skill and effectiveness, playing a vital role in Williamstown’s triumph.

Unfortunately for St Bernard’s, they found themselves outclassed in every aspect of the game. The team struggled to match the intensity and prowess of their opponents, ultimately succumbing to a defeat. With this result, St Bernard’s remain rooted to the bottom of the U19 Premier section, facing significant challenges as they strive to climb the ladder.

Looking ahead, St Bernard’s will confront Old Scotch in their upcoming Round 8 clash. It will be an opportunity for them to regroup, reassess their strategies, and put forth a strong performance to regain confidence and momentum. On the other hand, Williamstown’s next challenge will come in the form of a match against Old Brighton, where they will aim to build on their recent success and further solidify their position in the finals race.

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