First Volunteer and Coach of the Year award winners announced

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2023 has seen the introduction of Volunteer of the Month and Carruthers Executive Coach of the Month awards during the VAFA home and away season.

Both awards each month call for nominations and recognise personnel in line with VAFA’s core values. A large number of nominations were received for April/May monthly with winners representing a core VAFA Value – Inclusive.

Inclusive – To have an environment that is safe, equitable and welcoming for all people. We honour, respect and celebrate all differences visible and invisible.

Congratulations to Sienna Whiteman from Old Ivanhoe Grammarians FC for being named Volunteer of the Month.

Sienna was nominated by club President Chris Branigan, who shared with us that Sienna has been an active member of the club for several years, and her contributions have been remarkable, particularly in the area of inclusivity.

“Sienna’s work in promoting inclusivity at our club has not gone unnoticed. Players, coaches, and members of the community have all commented on the positive impact that she has had on the club. Her dedication and commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members, regardless of gender or background, is truly inspiring.”

Congratulations to Thomas Chitsos from Coburg FC for being named Carruthers Executive Coach of the Month.

Thomas was nominated by Coburg FC Senior Women’s Football Operations Coordinator, Will Sedawie.

Will shared that “Thomas has been an incredible coach to Coburg’s 50+ senior women who come from all different backgrounds, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and included in both playing for the club and participating in club activities. Including all club staff who are volunteers, Thomas has made an effort to ensure they all receive time and effort from Thomas who shows respect and helps develop them professionally. Thomas has made efforts to train the players in respecting each other as well as opposition players who come from different backgrounds and identities.”

Nominations for June Volunteer of the Month and Carruthers Executive Coach of the Month awards are now open, with a focus on VAFA value – Respect

Respect – To always show respect to every person that we interact with, and in turn, to earn the respect of others for all that we do.

Apply below before Friday, 30 June 2023 at 5:00pm

Carruthers Executive Coach of the Month Application Form

Volunteer of the Month Application Form

June Volunteer of the Month and Carruthers Executive Coach of the Month winners will be announced in the first week of July.