Seventh Heaven for Tess Beagley and the Williamstown CY’s

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Claudia Di Donato

Round 10 had it all with massive wins for ladder-leading sides, a slog of a victory for Old Trinity and a rare forfeit as Ivanhoe were unable to get a team together.

Therry Penola took on the undefeated Williamstown CYMS at John Pascoe Fawkner Reserve, with both teams having limited lists. Therry Penola had 12 players take to the field while Williamstown had 15.

The CY’s displayed their dominance right from the get go and kept Therry scoreless for the entire first quarter while scoring 30 points themselves. Williamstown’s swift ball movement, strong defence and attack on the ball proved too much for the Lions.

As the game progressed, Williamstown were able to extend their 57-point half time lead to 127 points by final siren. Williamstown walked away the victors, claiming the four points and a hefty percentage boost.

Having 33 shots at goal and finishing with 20 majors, Williamstown shared the glory between players with Tess Beagley kicking seven, Alessia Acquaro kicking six, Sofi-Kristin Georgas kicking five and Paras Mackenzie, Kiara Palmar and Emily Gardener all kicking one each.

Gemma Macgregor was best on for Therry Penola while Claire Sandman kicked the team’s only goal of the game.

Over at Ferndale Park, St Mary’s Salesian faced off against Old Trinity in dry yet extremely muddy conditions.

In what was an even match up of skill and ability, both teams played a strong defensive game and made scoring difficult for the other. Old Trinity just had the edge on St Mary’s going into the half time break with a nine point lead, however St Mary’s unrelenting tackling pressure in the second half of the game kept Old Trinity unable to add to their score at all in the final quarter.

Old Trinity managed to hold onto the lead as St Mary’s struggled to convert in front of goal late in the last quarter, and secured their fifth win of the season.

Kellie Woodhouse and Stephanie Bull showcased their ability in front of goal, kicking an impressive goal each from acute angles, while Mia Kolednik’s strong effort across half back scored her the best on votes for Old Trinity.

Georgia Cropley kicked St Mary’s only goal of the game and Holly Wilson was best on.

Parkdale Vultures hosted MCC at Gerry Green Reserve for an afternoon showdown. Parkdale came out strong, setting the tone for the game and scored 44 points in the opening quarter. A tough second quarter comeback from MCC saw the team kick two goals, with the Vultures only managing to kick three.

Returning from the main break, the Vultures turned up the heat, and great cohesion between ruck, Bree Allan and midfielder, Brooke Carson helped the Vultures dominate around stoppages and got the ball moving in the direction of goal.

Siena Symons celebrated her 50th game, and led the goal scoring, kicking six majors for the Vultures. Despite MCC’s best effort, Parkdale’s powerful defence only allowed MCC to kick two goals and one behind for the entire game.

Parkdale bagged a huge 91-point victory and have secured their position in the top four.

Siena Symons was best on for Parkdale while Charlie Wade was best on for MCC.

In a rare occurrence, Ivanhoe forfeited the game against Albert Park as they were unable to get a side together. Hopefully the Ivies are able to get a side on the park this coming weekend. The Falcons will return to this weekend to the field against the Vultures in a must win contest, a game that will go a long way to determining who will finish the season with a double chance in the finals series.

Photo: Williamstown CYMS


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