Chaos at Garvey Oval between the Saints and the Raiders

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Chris Ciampoli

Round 11 was an electric display of talent and heart, the top four teams are shaping up and the behemoths up top are fighting hard to stay afloat.

St Mary’s Salesian stormed to Garvey Oval to face off against the Old Paradians in a heart pumping match where both teams struggled to take the lead. The first half saw the Old Paradians struggling to capitalise on their opportunities which allowed the Saints to remain in the game.

In the third quarter both teams found their footing. David Huntley ran the soles of his boots, and with the help of Alexander Ouzas, gave opportunities for Struan Thomson (2 Goals) to dominate the game and reward himself handsomely for a ten-point lead at three quarter time.

The final quarter saw the Saints turn it up a notch and pull all tricks out of the bag. Jack Elliston continued his run of domination, while Joel Mattiske (1 Goal) put in another top performance. Barry McNally (2 Goals) and Lachlan Macneil (2 Goals) were able to convert their hard-earned toil on the scoreboard. After giving it their all, both teams had to settle for a draw.

The Parkside power over the 2023 season is no fluke. A full squad of undisputed talent put the nail in the coffin to the South Melbourne Districts at Lindsay Hassett Oval with a 22-point victory.

Although Parkside took a foothold over the Swans early, the South Melbourne Districts maintained a keen-eyed trail keeping within a kick until three quarter time. But it was the Devils in the driver’s seat the whole way home, kicking five in the fourth.

Michael Romano (1 Goal) led by example with another outstanding performance. Matthew Holden let the way which gave rise to Benjamin Radford (6 Goals) who carried the scoreboard on his own shoulders and is soaring high on the division’s goal kicking tally (48 Goals).

South Melbourne Districts put up a good fight for the top four clash, but the Devils were just too good once again. Overall, the Devils have set the tone for Men’s Division 2, and some would even say are finals favourites.

The Old Yarra Cobras faced off against the Whitefriars in a thrilling game of footy on Saturday. The first quarter saw both teams struggling to find their footing, however the Cobras were just able to extend the lead into halftime.

It was the Cobras dynasty that controlled the pace of the game in the second half once they ironed out their mistakes to make way for clean footy. Nick Zappala and Elliot Brandon Jones played the game on their terms and were key to their Cobra win. Chris Docker ripped up the midfield and backline with the help of Adam Baltruweit and James Bell. Jack Hall (3 Goals) converted to the scoreboard in convincing fashion in tandem with Anthony Raso (3 Goals) to bring the 31-point lead home.

The Cobras demonstrate time and time again their adaptability and flair, especially against as tough of an opposition as the Friars and their goal magnet forward line.

Up and up, the Brunswick bandits have their chins high and rightly so after a 79-point domination over Aquinas. From the first siren to the last the Brunswick boys would not let their foot off the gas for even a second.

Backman Harris Mitter (2 Goals) put in his best performance all season after pushing up to the midfield. He was clean around the footy and added to the Brunswick barricade as solid as a rock in defence. The chemistry between Ben Wilson and Gus Ross resulted in a domination in the centre and was well serviced by Archie Fulton-Grigg who stepped up to the ruck and passed with flying colours.

Matt Horan and Aiden Pollock (1 Goal) placed much pressure up forward for big guns Gus Coverdale (3 Goals) and Hayden Parker (4 Goals) who took advantage of his athleticism and crashed a few packs.

The Brunswick squad bounced back from a tough loss in round 10 and proved they are still a force to be reckon with. Brunswick now head to Ferndale Park to face St Mary’s Salesian, whilst Aquinas come up against South Melbourne Districts.

It’s clear the Unicorns aren’t holding anything back and are striving for that top four spot. MHSOB started of early with a short lead in the first and were unstoppable in the second, leaving Bulleen Templestowe with their heads spinning.

Jamie Radcliffe-Smith (1 Goal) demolished Woodfull-Miller Oval along with Julian Eimutis (1 Goal). Big Matty Pereira (5 Goals) struck gold up forward outpacing and out-marking the competition with another exciting performance along with William Hellier (3 Goals) and Alexander Mourtikas (3 Goals).

The Bulleen Temp clawed back kicking five in the third, but the Unicorns shifted to another gear in the fourth to break the century mark and storm home with a 41 point victory.