VAFA unveils new names for perpetual awards and trophy’s

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The VAFA has unveiled 33 new names for previously unnamed perpetual award and trophy’s, including Premiership Cups, Best on Ground and Best and Fairest Medals.

Earlier this year, the VAFA undertook a project to identify people who have given distinguished service to our Amateur Clubs and/or competition, that makes them worthy of having their name associated with a perpetual award or trophy.

The process began on February 8 to ensure that all Clubs were given sufficient time to provide nominations and that no deserving person was overlooked.

Leading into Round 15 of the 2023 home and away season, the VAFA is pleased to announce the VAFA identities that have been recognised to have their names etched in the history of our competition.

Sue Anderson has been instrumental in the VAFA over many years.

Dedicating 32 years to the VAFA, Anderson started out as secretary of Hampton Rovers in 1983 before becoming a general manager at VAFA HQ in 1996. She retired in 2015 and was inducted as a VAFA Life Member the following year, becoming the fourth woman to obtain life membership status.

Anderson’s tireless work in the VAFA sees her honoured with the name of the Premier Women’s Premiership Cup.

Anderson recently told VAFA Media that she never could have contemplated there being a Women’s competition when she started in the VAFA in 1983, “I can remember the meeting when Michael Sholly first said that we were going to have a women’s competition, and I must admit I just thought there was no way.”

“When we made it to that first-ever match with Hampton Rovers and Ormond under the lights, many of us were standing there with tears in our eyes. We couldn’t believe it. It still gives me goosebumps to think of all the opportunities now available for my granddaughter in football.”

Also recognised in William Buck Premier Women’s is Michael Sholly for the Best on Ground Medal and Shona MacInnes for the Best and Fairest Medal.

A legend of Fitzroy, Joan Eddy has also been recognised. Eddy’s name will accompany the Best on Ground Medal for the Premier Reserve Women’s Grand Final.

Eddy has not only been instrumental in the rise of the Fitzroy Football Club since its merger with the Fitzroy Reds in 2008, but also with the rise of women’s football and a front runner for women in footy leadership.

Over her 12 years at the helm, Joan has been a great supporter of all aspects of the VAFA. Her contribution as a pioneering female president, input to committees, support of VAFA functions and attendance and measured contribution to meetings cannot be underestimated. As a role model it is hard to draw a parallel.

“(Women’s football) is a fantastic on and off-field story, women being able to play football at a senior level is a wonderful thing.” Eddy told VAFA Media when she announced she was standing down as President of Fitzroy at the beginning of 2022.

Kylie da Fonte, long-standing legend of MHSOB has been recognised for her tireless work with the Unicorns, and within the VAFA’s Big V program.

Da Fonte joined the competition when her then partner was a player at MHSOB, she would follow in her father’s footsteps as being a trainer for the representative sides.

For over 25 years, Da Fonte has supported the on-field stars of the VAFA, while being recognised as an off-field star herself with the honour of having the Division 1 Women’s best and fairest medal named after her.

Da Fonte is the only female life-member of the MHSOB, and in 2020 received a VAFA Certificate of Merit for her services to football.

The Mount family name is synonymous with the VAFA. Frank Mount was one of three who established the Old Paradians Football Club in 1929.

Mount was President for eight years and coached the senior side for six years between 1931 and 1936. In the modern day, Mount’s great-grandson Patrick is President of St Kevin’s Old Boys.

Frank’s name will sit proudly on the Premier Reserve Men’s best on ground medal on Grand Final day. With a huge conglomerate of Mount’s, expect them all to be on hand at Elsternwick Park to present the award.

Former Ivanhoe Amateurs president Rob Pearce has been given the honour of having his name on the Under 19 Division 1 Men’s Premiership Cup.

A tireless servant of the Hoers, Rob coached Under 19s in 1992-93, he was a VAFA Under 19s state team selector in 1994, served as club secretary in 1999, president for five years in seasons 2000-04, for two years in 2010-11, and three seasons from 2019-21.

The honour came as a big surprise for Rob.

“Not too many things surprise me in football these days but this one got me,” he told the Ivanhoe AFC website.

“The Rob Pearce Cup is another opportunity for my Ivanhoe to be elevated and I hope this is the case in all future grand finals. I thank our committee for this honour and the VAFA executive for supporting it.

“From the day I walked into our club it has been providing me with so much happiness and I thank my players for that gift that has kept giving for over 30 years. Go Hoers, go Ivies.”

Jason Reddick told VAFA Media, “It is wonderful to recognise our VAFA community people in this way.”

“They commit so much of their lives volunteering their services and making an enormous contribution to the Club and competition which thousands of people enjoy each year.”

See below for the full list of VAFA Grand Final Trophy and Medal Names, with the new names highlighted.

Section Premiership Cup Name Best on Ground Medal Best and Fairest Medal
Premier Men’s L.A. Adamson Jock Nelson J.N. Woodrow
Premier Reserve Men’s N.C. Rundle Frank Mount
Premier B Men’s J.V. Deane Ian Cordner G.T. Moore
Premier B Reserve Men’s J.F.X. Dillon The Considine Family
Premier C Men’s H.J. Stewart M. Ritterman L.S. Zachariah
Premier C Reserve Men’s A.J. Keam Tony Borrack
Division 1 Men’s E.F. Atkins J.W. Manton L.S. Pepper
Division 1 Reserve Men’s Tony Boyce
Division 2 Men’s P.A. Matthews A.R. Fellows J. Fullerton
Division 2 Reserve Men’s Kevin Segota Tom Johnston
Division 3 Men’s JA (John) Wilson V.B. Zanini P. Hutchinson
Division 3 Reserve Men’s Max Evans Ian ‘Ocka’ England
Division 4 Men’s J.B. Cordner A.K. White O.J. Meehan
Division 4 Reserve Men’s Tim Nelson
Premier Thirds Men’s N.W. Nugent
Thirds Division 1 Men’s
Thirds Division 2 Men’s D.W. Windlow
Thirds Division 3 Men’s
Thirds Division 4 Men’s
Under 23 Men’s J.S. Simpson
Premier Women’s Sue Anderson Michael Sholly Shona MacInnes
Premier Reserve Women’s Leah Gallagher Joan Eddy
Premier B Women’s Claire Messent Felicity Frederico
Premier B Reserve Women’s Val Evans
Premier C Women’s
Premier C Reserve Women’s
Division 1 Women’s Peter Grant Davina Connors-Calhaem Kylie da Fonte
Division 2 Women’s Norma Fullerton Mavis Bastow
Division 3 Women’s Liz Wilson
Division 4 Women’s Tim Rossiter Jennie Loughnan Julie Rossiter
Women’s Thirds
Under 19 Premier Men’s J.S. McCann T.A. Johnson C.R. Newbury
Under 19 Division 1 Men’s Rob Pearce T.M. Lyon Harry Thomas
Under 19 Division 2 Men’s J.A. Miles Tim Naughton G.W. McTaggart
Under 19 Division 3 Men’s F.H. Coldrey P.J. Harris
Under 19 Division 4 Men’s Robin Smith Harry Overman John Robinson
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