The VAFA introduces the Community Sub-Committee and its members

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The development of a Community Pillar in the 2023-2026 VAFA Strategic Plan has allowed the VAFA to commit greater resources and energy into supporting key areas of VAFA operations that impact VAFA clubs.

The Community Pillar and its associated initiatives is summarised into 5 areas:

  1. Club Support & Development
  2. Inclusive Practices
  3. Mental Health & Welfare
  4. Infrastructure & Facilities
  5. Community Partnerships

The Community Sub-Committee was introduced to monitor the delivery of initiatives against the Strategic Plan, review Community related policies and procedures, ensure a lens of diversity is applied to elements of Community initiatives and manage any risk requirements as managed by the VAFA Board of Directors.

The Community Sub-Committee is comprised of

  • VAFA Directors, Tim Habel (Chair) & Sarah Delbosc.
  • VAFA CEO, Jason Reddick, & VAFA Clubs & Community Manager, Sean Walker.
  • General Sub-Committee Members, Waki Wohoro, Justin Raiti and Nicole Hall.

Many stakeholders within the VAFA will be familiar with Justin and Nicole who both have extensive connections with VAFA Clubs Hawthorn AFC and Melbourne Cricket Club FC respectively.

Justin has won two VAFA Best & Fairest Awards for HAFC in Division 3, has an extensive background in Strategic delivery and Management as well as Club Development and currently works in the Sport & Recreation Team at the City of Yarra.

Nicole also brings a club perspective having been President of MCC Football club in 2021 and 2022.  As an Operations Director with Accenture, Nicole also brings a commercial, process and governance lens to the committee.

Waki Wohoro is the current Commercial Strategy Manager at the AFL and has an extensive background in delivering and monitoring Strategy previously working at Australia Post and L.E.K Consulting.

The Community Sub-Committee is open to correspondence and feedback and welcomes collaboration and consultation with all stakeholders within the VAFA Community.

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