Media Release: Beaumaris FC

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The VAFA Board met on Monday 21st August to hear the Beaumaris FC appeal against the findings of the Independent Integrity Hearing Panel regarding the player points breaches for Rounds 11 and 12 in the Premier B Men’s competition.

The Board confirmed that Beaumaris FC breached the VAFA rules in that the Club’s player points total exceeded the VAFA points limit of 45 on both occasions.

VAFA Rules are clear and there is no discretion on the match forfeit penalty that is applied.

Accordingly, Beaumaris have forfeited the 4 match points for the Round 12 match, together with their points scored for in both matches. The Premier B Men’s ladder has previously been adjusted to reflect this.

Beaumaris were also fined a total $1,200 under VAFA Rule 50C.

Beaumaris FC have acknowledged they received a fair hearing, stated their full support for the importance of integrity to the Amateur competition, and are committed to adhering to the VAFA rules and Player Points System moving forward.

The Board complimented both Beaumaris FC and the VAFA Administration on their presentations and wished all parties the best for the remainder of the 2023 season.