De La Salle shows how to “Love the Game…not the odds”

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In 2022 the VAFA entered a partnership with the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation and the ‘Love the Game’ Program. The aim of the partnership is to create environments in which young people can enjoy sport free from gambling promotion and to raise awareness about the risks and negative consequences associated with gambling.

In Victoria, nearly a third of all sports bettors are men between the age of 18-24 with the prevalence of women in the same age bracket rising. On average, 374 gambling ads are broadcast on free to air TV daily with 73% of Victorian youth reporting seeing a Gambling advertisement on TV in the past 30 days.

These statistics are concerning and the VAFA has adopted a Gambling Harm Prevention Policy and Love the Game Charter with the support of ‘Love the Game’ to help provide clarity on the VAFA’s part in minimising the exposure of sports gambling to the VAFA community.

The VAFA is calling on all clubs who value the welfare of their members and are looking to minimise harm from sports gambling to sign up to the ‘Love the Game’ program. The VAFA would like to highlight De La Salle FC who are currently signed up to the ‘Love the Game’ Program who have been involved in a recent campaign to highlight the “Love the Game, not the odds” message and why the program is important to their club. Thank you to De La Salle President, Phil Proy as well as Tom Couch, Nick Hyland and Grace McDonnel for being a part of the campaign.

As an added incentive any VAFA clubs who sign up to the Love the Game program in the remainder of the 2023 season could receive a $500 Sports voucher by simply signing up via the link below and saying why your club loves the game not the odds.

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