High-ho, a double Premiership Old Ivanhoe go

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Ari Paevere

The 2023 Premier C Men’s competition concluded in spectacular fashion on Saturday afternoon with an exhilarating grand final played out between Old Ivanhoe and Old Camberwell.

Old Ivanhoe came into the game with the luxury of well-rested legs, having earned a week off following their qualifying final victory. In contrast, Old Camberwell had a more challenging path, navigating through a preliminary final to reach this stage.

Their previous encounter in the qualifying final had seen Old Ivanhoe prevail in the final quarter, securing a hard-fought victory.

Old Camberwell, however, had emerged as the dominant force in the competition during the latter half of the year. Meanwhile, Old Ivanhoe had maintained a consistent presence in the top four throughout the season, culminating in a red hot run of form leading into the finals.

Under clear blue skies, it appeared the conditions were ideal. Yet, those familiar with Trevor Barker Oval knew that the coastal location often ushered in a persistent sea breeze, adding an unpredictable element to the game.

Old Ivanhoe began the contest with the wind at their backs in the first quarter, capitalizing with four goals. Old Camberwell, however, held their ground, notching two goals of their own, heading into the second quarter with confidence in their ability to exploit the breeze.

But the narrative took a twist. In a quarter that would set the tone for the rest of the game, Old Ivanhoe surged through the wind and astonishingly kicked six goals, in what was an exhilarating quarter of footy. Old Camberwell only managed four in response and weren’t able to take advantage of the wind as they would have hoped.

Entering the third quarter against the wind, Old Camberwell, down by 29 points, refused to yield. They managed to score two goals, staying competitive as they prepared to kick with the wind in the final quarter, trailing by 28 points.

The stage was set for a potential Old Camberwell comeback with the wind at their advantage. However, Old Ivanhoe’s defence had other plans, allowing just one goal throughout the quarter.

Toward the end of the fourth quarter, Old Ivanhoe slotted three more goals, igniting celebrations in what became party time for both the fans and players. With the final siren, Old Ivanhoe secured the 2023 Premier C Men’s premiership in style.

William Murphy’s exceptional performance, marked by a goal and dominance in midfield, earned him best on ground honors. He broke tackles, won contested possessions, and set the tone for his team.

Luke Scuderi, Patrick Naish, and Harrison Frazer played vital roles, each contributing two goals. Jackson Powell also had a big impact as well as Seamus Gibbs who played a crucial role in Old Ivanhoe’s second-quarter surge.

The festivities would have extended late into the night for Old Ivanhoe, who also claimed the Premier C Reserves premiership.

Following a year marked by resilience, consistency and competitiveness, Old Ivanhoe undeniably emerged as deserving victors of this year’s Premier C Mens premiership.

Meanwhile, Old Camberwell, despite their minor premiership, were left devastated by the inability to clinch the grand final victory. Nevertheless, they can hold their heads high after a fantastic season that played its role in jumping the club from Division 1 to Premier B in just two years.

Both teams will be formidable contenders in 2024, as they advance to Premier B, promising another highly competitive season.

The 2023 Premier C Men’s season was truly remarkable, and once again, congratulations to Old Ivanhoe on their well-deserved premiership. We eagerly await the 2024 season, which already promises to be another extraordinary chapter in VAFA history.