Division 1 Men’s Season Preview

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With just one more sleep until football returns to the big stage, our Division 1 Men’s teams are getting out the boots, pumping up the footies and laying out the guernseys ready for the first bounce of the 2024 season.


Kew had a solid season in 2023 but left much to the imagination when it came to achieving September success. They wrapped up the season in the middle of the table and have no doubt been gearing up to hit the ground running and improve on their standing this season.

The brown and gold are coached by Brian Cole. Their season kicks off with a home game at Victoria Park where they’ll host the Preston Bullants.

Old Peninsula

The Pirates of the Peninsula have been putting in the hard yards in the off season. With a new President in the chair, Alex Wood a stalwart of the club, they are primed to deliver some cracking footy in 2024.

Old Peninsula travel to face the Old Yarra Cobras in Round 1 at Koonung Reserve.

Old Yarra Cobras

The Old Yarra Cobras found success in 2023 making it to the grand final and being promoted up to Division 1 this season. Falling just shy of winning the flag by a mere 3-points, the Cobras are hungry for more and will be looking to climb their way to the top in a new competition, against some formidable opponents.


Ormond had a lackluster season last year, which unfortunately has seen the club be relegated from Premier football to Divisional football for the first time in a long while. They will be determined to bounce right back up to Premier C but will have to get through some stiff competition to do so.

Skipper Benjamin Hardwick is a 100-game player for Ormond and will know what it takes to achieve team success. Hungry for victory they are a force to be reckoned with and will host Prahran FC to kickstart their season.


Parkside are the newcomers to Division 1 and boy they must be pretty chuffed to be there! They have achieved the double elevation, progressing from Div 3 in 2022, to Div 2 in 2023 and find themselves promoted again for the 2024 season after winning the premiership in both Seniors and Reserves.

The Devils will test the waters in a new competition taking on UHS-VU this Saturday, under the leadership of coach Rick Frost.


Prahran FC put together a strong 2023 season and had a short finals appearance, bowing out in the semi-final. New senior Coach Craige Milward said he is looking to tap into the versatility of his side. We have seen that trying players in new positions can breed untapped potential, a secret weapon that Prahran may utilise this season. Prahran have retained weapons like best and fairest winner Rory Brodie who will be looking to do damage on the field this season.

They travel this round to face off against a new opponent in Ormond.

Preston Bullants

The Bullants are looking red hot heading into this season and have to hit the ground running should they wish to be playing finals footy come September time. Preston managed three wins for the season last year but have retained a quality outfit who will be working on their craft to improve on the scoreboard.

The Bullants are playing away for the opening two rounds and will need their leaders to step up should they wish to secure some early wins.

Therry Penola

Brendan Payne’s squad had a solid season in 2023. Whilst they were plagued by inconsistency, they have proven that they can beat top sides. If Therry can stick to their brand of football and show up with a roar on match days, then I’d expect a good contest.

The Lions have four debutants in Round 1, and they will be going up against West Brunswick.


UHS-VU were preliminary finalists in 2023 and their ascendency in the competition is not to be discounted. They were just a couple of kicks away from being promoted and will no doubt be chasing victory this season.

Paul Rocke and his side start the season off in a tough match up, as they play host to the newly elevated Parkside, and opponent they won’t be too familiar with. This match up should be a good indication of where everyone stands in Division 1 and perhaps an insight as to what is to come this season.

West Brunswick

West Brunswick are a heart and soul club and that is exactly the attitude they bring when they take to the field. The Westies have featured in Division 1 for a couple of years now and would be getting used to their opponents’ playing styles.

They have been counting down the days until that first bounce and wait no longer as they take on the Therry Penola Lions at John Pascoe Fawkner Reserve.

Grab the popcorn and get those team colours on because this season is bound to be a ripper! All the action kicks off tomorrow with Round 1 in Division 1. Where will the chips fall and who will soar to the top? Stay tuned…