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Anna O’Donnell

Despite finishing fourth Hampton come off 12 consecutive wins to take home the title of premiers upsetting Ormond in the U19 South Grand Final. Ormond had led the competition for most of the season, but it did not appear to deter Hampton Rovers, who beat them by 60 points. 
The first half of the game was in the balance, with Hampton showing more positive signs on the field. With an eight-point lead going into the second half of the match, Hampton Rovers managed to kick seven goals to Ormond’s one in a definitive premiership quarter. 
From then on, Ormond was unable to recover from a deficit of 49 points and finished the game 60 points behind their rivals. There were a number of players who had good contributions to the win, Fisher and Hodges being a couple, while Jones and Clarke managed to kick four goals each to help gain a strong lead over Ormond. 
Hampton, now boasting a premiership, will be thrilled with how far they have come in the second half of the season to ultimately beat a side that have travelled with ease throughout the season. 
Hampton Rovers should be congratulated on the achieving the ultimate reward of a season of hard work, after an outstanding finish to the year.