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Do you love footy? Do you like writing on football? Do you want to be a football journalist? 
If you answered yes to any of those questions then keep reading. 
The Amateur Footballer is the mouthpiece of the VAFA and has been informing and entertaining players and supporters for almost 100 years on everything to do with the VAFA. 
The job of scribe is a great place to start your writing career or even a great outlet for those of you with an interest in writing regularly. 
Each week you will be required to write match reports for each of the VAFA games in a nominated section to be submitted early in the week. 
Then come Thursday night your work will be in print and being read around the club rooms by players to see if their name is in your report.  To apply please submit a 300 word article on either a VAFA or AFL round of football you saw in 2012. 
Please also include any questions about the position in your application and a contact number. 
If you have a particular section of the VAFA that you would like to cover then please also nominate that, although there are no guarantees!
Please send your application to [email protected] Finally there is no remuneration for the job as you will be writing “For the Love of the game”.