Season Overview: Fitzroy-ACU

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Season Overview

Fitzroy-ACU showed great form in the early part of the season. After suffering defeats to Melbourne Uni and Kew in their first two games, they bounced back with two wins and a draw against the previously undefeated Marcellin. It looked like the draw against the top side in the competition would have a positive effect on the Roy’s season, however they have lost the last 3 games going into the break. They have the potential to turn around the season and will be looking to make a comeback after the break.


The Roy’s can proudly say that they are best tackling side in the competition, as they make at least 10 more tackles per game than the next best side in the competition. Their ability to put pressure on the ball carriers has been integral to their success this season.

Team Tackles Tackles/Game
Fitzroy-ACU 419 52.4
Old Xavierians 348 43.5
Melbourne Uni 344 43.0
Kew FC 343 42.9
SKOB 304 38.0
Marcellin 281 35.1
Old Trinity 276 34.5
Caulfield Grammerians 231 28.9


Their tackling ability is exemplified by four of the Roys players featuring in the top 10 most efficient tacklers in the competition. The Roy’s make up the top three positions of the tackling stats and three are in the top five in terms of tackles per game.

Tackles/Game (min 5 games)
Name Team Matches Tackles Tackles/Game
Alice Batterson Fitzroy-ACU 7 42 6.0
Stephanie Kierce Melbourne Uni 5 30 6.0
Alexandra Monteiro Fitzroy-ACU 7 38 5.4
Gemma Minuz Fitzroy-ACU 8 39 4.9
Laura Robertson Marcellin 8 35 4.4
Lucy Kerr Fitzroy-ACU 8 35 4.4
Ruby Grounds Melbourne Uni 8 35 4.4
Lily Barr Kew FC 8 34 4.3
Bethany West Fitzroy-ACU 7 28 4.0
Jodie Murphy Old Trinity 8 31 3.9


Star Players

Lucy Kerr and Erin Gogerly have been absolutely dominating the 2018 season thus far. Lucy Kerr has been a steady influence in the team and features prominently in the top 10 in terms of disposals, marks and tackles in the competition. Her statistics clearly indicates the impact she has had on the game. She ranks 3rd in terms of disposals with 148 disposals, 5th in terms of tackles with 35 tackles and 8th in terms of marks with 22 marks.

Erin Gogerly has been equal dominant this season and has made a big impact playing at half-back and in the midfield. She has racked up disposals this season and leads the competition in number of disposal as well as disposals per game. Her impact in the half back position can be seen from her ability to intercept the ball, shown by the number of marks she has taken this season. She leads the marking stats, in terms of total marks (40) and marks per game (5).

Disposals/Game (min 5 games played)
Name Team Matches Disposals Disposals/Game
Erin Gogerly Fitzroy-ACU 8 185 23.1
Micheala Harding Kew FC 6 121 20.2
Danielle Calautti Kew FC 8 152 19.0
Lucy Kerr Fitzroy-ACU 8 148 18.5
Millie Klingbell Caulfield Grammerians 6 109 18.2


Season Ahead

Fitzroy-ACU face a challenging second half of the season, as they have only one home game remaining. In saying this, they have a talented squad who is capable of winning despite this challenge. They still hold a good chance of making it into the top 4, due to their strong form and the unpredictability of the competition.

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