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Joined VAFA: 2013

Section: Thirds

Years in section: 1

Nickname: Tigers

Ground: Lois Twohig Reserve, Carlton Road, North Dandenong

Colours: Gold with large tiger emblem with black trim/ black number: shorts- black: socks black and yellow hooped

Secretary: William Bolch E: [email protected] M: 0437 772 751

President: Cameron Young E: [email protected] M: 0428 430 195

Masala are one of the great stories of Australian football and how it consumes the Melbourne community from all walks of life. There have always been players of multicultural background in the VAFA, and indeed the competition has regularly celebrated Multicultural Round, but the arrival of Masala – a truly multicultural club – to the competition in 2013 brought something different. Masala translates as a mix of spices and their tagline of spicy footy is one the club is proud of. The club spent their first two seasons in Club XVIII and whilst their record is not overly successful, the club is driven to grow and provide a pathway for players of all backgrounds to play Australia’s game. In 2015, the club became a senior club, entering a senior and reserves side in Division 4. In February 2019, the club officially changed its name to Masala Dandenong FC to bring them closer to the local Dandenong community, giving them a stronger connection with the businesses and players in the area.



Section Best and Fairest Winners – Senior


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