Holmesglen Institute

Chadstone, City, Moorabbin, Waverley, Arden St, Partners

With over 30 years’ experience and more than 120,000 graduates, Holmesglen is one of the leading providers of vocational training and education in Victoria.

Holmesglen is also the most comprehensive provider of building and construction courses in Victoria with courses ranging from pre-apprenticeships and apprenticeships, through to diplomas, advanced diplomas, degrees and postgraduate studies.

Students have access to over 25,000 square feet of trade floor space as well as the latest technologies in building design and 3D printing. This means that what students learn in the workshops is exactly what is required on the job site.

The space doesn’t stop there; landscape construction and sports turf apprentices frequently utilise over 42,000 square feet of open air to design, build, and install their work. What’s even more important though are the networking opportunities for students, which give them the best chances of landing a job, advancing in their current one or getting more work in the future. Being part of the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, is just one such opportunity.

And if you’d rather turn your passion for health and wellbeing into a career, Holmesglen also offers a suite of highly practical and well regarded courses in fitness, sport development, massage, outdoor recreation and sports media.

Students learn in industry current, customised facilities including a private gym and Wellness Centre. Interstate and international travel opportunities await, whether it’s hiking to the Snowy River or running sporting clinics in Fiji.

All courses are nationally accredited and Holmesglen works with key industry partners such as the Building Designer’s Association of Victoria, Australian Building Institute, Australian Institute of Building Surveyors, Master Builders, Master Plumbers and Fitness First. Plus, students keen on branching out into the vibrant sports media industry might find themselves working with Fox Footy, AFL Victoria, the Herald Sun, Basketball Victoria, Melbourne United, Cricket Victoria and Tennis Victoria throughout their degree studies.

So, talk to Holmesglen if you are interested in:

  • Trades
  • Sports coaching
  • Running your own business
  • Managing large construction projects
  • Becoming a specialised fitness trainer
  • Working in sports media.

For these study opportunities and many more, browse the WEBSITE here.