The run home in Premier C

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Alisha Min

Only two rounds remain in our 2019 home & away season, and headlining these final two weeks is undoubtedly the five teams (Ajax, Old Ivanhoe, Mazenod, Marcellin, Old Mentonians) in contention for the remaining two spots in the Premier C finals series.

Williamstown CYMS (1st)

Wins|Losses: 16|0    Form: WWWWW    Run Home: Mazenod, Marcellin

The only stat you need to digest from those listed above for Williamstown CYMS is the Win/Loss ratio – and doesn’t it speak for itself. Yet to drop the ball this year, the CYs have already locked in the minor premiership and are staring down the barrel of a perfect season. A bit of an unfortunate draw for both the Nodders and Eagles to come up against the peerless Williamstown in the final two weeks, but with both chasing that finals dream, paired with some potential CY’s yips with the prospect of an unbeaten year dawning, could one of these teams quell the Premier C giants with everything on the line?

Ormond (2nd)

Wins|Losses: 11|5    Form: WLWLW    Run Home: Old Mentonians, Ajax

From winning five of their first six games of 2019, the Monders have managed to win just 60% of their encounters since. Regardless of this, credit for the Monders is due for getting those important wins on the board early, which has resulted in their confirmed finals appearance at the back-end of the season and subsequent distance from the pack of five teams desperate to compete for Premier C silverware. Ormond came up trumps the last time they played both the Panthers (R3 – 33 points) and Jackas (R8 – 39 points), and repeating those victories will give this bayside team some enviable momentum heading into September.

Ajax (3rd)

Wins|Losses: 9|7    Form: WWWWW    Run Home: Hampton Rovers, Ormond

Dubbed the “Team to Beat”, an inspired Ajax have been on an incredible run since Round 8 – winning seven of their last eight encounters, and only falling short to the irrefutable Williamstown CYMS. Though they have not beaten either of our promoted Division 1 sides (2018) this year (Hampton & Ormond), an improved Ajax line-up makes a replica of these losses hard to envisage. Nevertheless, at least one win over the next two rounds will make usurping the Jackas (3rd) extremely difficult for the chasing pack, so they’ll look to get it over and done with this weekend in front of a home crowd.

Old Ivanhoe (4th)

Wins|Losses: 8|7    Form: LLWWL    Run Home: Marcellin, PEGS

Lodged in fourth thanks to their Round 10 draw against Hampton Rovers, which sees them trail the Jackas (3rd) by two premiership points whilst also having two premiership points advantage over 5th-7th, the case for a Hoers finals berth is a compelling one. Of the five clubs in the race for the two finals vacancies, Old Ivanhoe is the only side NOT set to play one of the top three teams. With wins already in their books over Marcellin (R4 – 29pts) and PEGS (R3 – 95pts), the Hoers are looking a pretty safe tip for a 2019 finals appearance.

Mazenod (5th)

Wins|Losses: 8|8    Form: LLWWW    Run Home: Williamstown CYMS, Old Camberwell

The Nodders were full steam ahead in their quest for a 2019 finals bout, but two consecutive losses in the last two weeks has added significant obstacles to their September path. Questions of Mazenod’s credentials as a finals side would be well and truly validified should they take-down the CY’s at their Fearon Reserve stronghold this weekend, but they’d almost certainly need to back-up that hypothetical victory with a big win over Old Camberwell in Round 18 to be in with a chance.

Marcellin (6th)

Wins|Losses: 8|8    Form: WWLWL    Run Home: Old Ivanhoe, Williamstown CYMS

Arguably the most difficult draw of the teams challenging for finals, other results need to go their way and the Eagles will probably need to win both remaining matches (unless teams above them capitulate), for them to feature in finals. A daunting task ahead for Marcellin, especially having lost to both counterparts earlier in the year (Old Ivanhoe –  R4 29pts & Williamstown CYMS – R8 33pts) but the Eagles have hit some good form as of late and will fight until the final siren blows.

Old Mentonians (7th)

Wins|Losses: 8|8    Form: LWLLL    Run Home: Ormond, Hampton Rovers

Based on ladder position, they’re the most outside chance for a finals berth in Premier C, but Old Mentonians won’t write themselves off yet. If they can put Ormond to the sword this weekend, and if Mazenod lose to Williamstown, the Panthers could jump as high as fourth (depending on the Old Ivanhoe vs Marcellin result). From there, Old Mentonians would need to repeat their Round 1 beating of Hampton Rovers, although a bigger margin than their 13-point win would be preferable, but even then they still may miss out given the Hoers draw in Round 10 which gives them a two premiership point buffer over the Nodders, the Eagles and the Panthers.

Hampton Rovers (8th)

Wins|Losses: 5|10    Form: LWLLL    Run Home: Ajax, Old Mentonians

Although Hampton Rovers have hit some unfavourable form through the latter half of the year, a solitary win over either Ajax or Old Mentonians will stave off Old Camberwell (9th) and secure their position for a Premier C rebirth in 2020. The Rovers dealt the Jackas a 41-point blow last time they met in Round 6, though their adversaries have won eight of their 10 encounters since, while the Panthers had their measure by 13 points in Round 1.

Old Camberwell (9th)

Wins|Losses: 4|12    Form: WLLLW    Run Home: PEGS, Mazenod

Sitting six premiership points below the Rovers (8th), it is possible for Old Camberwell to fend off relegation should they manage to best both PEGS and Mazenod over the next fortnight, but they also require Hampton to simultaneously fall against Ajax and Old Mentonians. Certainly not an impossibility, but the hurdle that is the Bombers awaits them first and foremost – and they’ll need to reverse their 30-point loss to the 10th placed side from Round 6.

PEGS (10th)

Wins|Losses: 2|14    Form: LLLLL    Run Home: Old Camberwell, Old Ivanhoe

Relegation into Division 1 is set for PEGS, irrespective of results in the final two rounds, but don’t expect the Bombers to go quietly. It’ll be a massive match this weekend as PEGS look to replicate their Round 6 victory over the Wellers in front of a home crowd – their last home match of the year.