VAFA Racial and Religious Policy Statement

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The Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA) takes any vilification matter very seriously and stand by its policy that no player, official or supporter of a member club of the Association shall speak to, or at, or about, any person of any member club of the Association in a manner which abuses, threatens, disparages, vilifies or insults the other person on the basis of that person’s race, gender, religion, physical characteristics, colour, descent, national or ethnic origin or any other personal characteristics.

In accordance with its Racial and Religious Policy, the VAFA was made aware of an alleged breach that occurred during the fourth quarter of Saturday’s Premier Section second semi-final match.

The matter went before an officially constituted Investigation Committee on Wednesday evening.

The findings of which are as follows:

The offending player was suspended for four games and he is required to undergo an educational course regarding racial vilification.

The VAFA also advise that the penalties applied were accepted by all parties involved in the hearing. Crucial to the agreed outcome was that the apology provided at the hearing by the offending player was accepted as a genuine apology by player offended against.

The VAFA has committed to conducting mandatory racial and religious vilification training for all member clubs before June 2019.

The VAFA commends all parties to this matter for the respectful manner in which they approached the hearing and subsequent outcomes, taking into consideration the sensitive nature of the breach.

The VAFA reminds all member clubs and players that comments or commentary made or passed on via social media platforms may be investigated in accordance with the VAFA’s Social Media Policy.