All players eligible for Under-19 football and umpires involved in these cases must attend tribunal at 7 p.m.

All other players and umpires must attend tribunal by 7.30 p.m. unless advised otherwise.

For further information about tribunal processes and requirements please view the Tribunal Fact Sheet here.

Tribunal Results – Tuesday 15 August 2017

*Adrian Owen Aquinas (U19) Striking 2 Matches
*Jonathan Elliott Old Camberwell (U19) Striking 2 Matches
*Liam Brander Uni Blacks (U19) Striking 2 Matches
*Patrick Dillon Prahran Assumption Striking 2 Matches
*Luka Thorpe Old Melburnians (U19) Abusive & Insulting Language to an Umpire 2 Matches
*Campbell Moore Beaumaris (U19 P) Unreasonable Rough Conduct 2 Matches
*Kieran Harper Uni Blues Tripping 3 Matches
*Jack Short Ormond Striking 2 Matches
*Samuel Harrison Peninsula Striking 2 Matches
Conor Larkin Parkdale Striking 4 Matches
David Bruno Old Ivanhoe Striking 2 Matches
*James Gaul Marcellin Unreasonable Rough Conduct 2 Matches
*Dimitri Fasoulis De La Salle Unreasonable Rough Conduct 2 Matches
*Jesse Tonolio Caulfield General Misconduct 2 Matches

*Accepted prescribed penalty