All players eligible for Under-19 football and umpires involved in these cases must attend tribunal at 7 p.m.

All other players and umpires must attend tribunal by 7.30 p.m. unless advised otherwise.

For further information about tribunal processes and requirements please view the Tribunal Fact Sheet here.

Tribunal results for Wednesday 23 May

*Fergus Lake Old Carey – U19 Unreasonable Rough Conduct 2 Matches
*Aaron Toole Aquinas – U19 Bumping or Making Forceful Front-on Contact 2 Matches
*Liam Carter Preston Bullants Striking 2 Matches
*Ryan Curwood MHSOB Unreasonable Rough Conduct 2 Matches
*Harry Larwill Old Scotch Striking 2 Matches
*Jacob Jess Old Geelong Striking 2 Matches
*Nicholas Baxter St Marys/Salesian Striking 2 Matches

*Accepted prescribed penalty