All players eligible for Under-19 football and umpires involved in these cases must attend tribunal at 7 p.m.

All other players and umpires must attend tribunal by 7.30 p.m. unless advised otherwise.

For further information about tribunal processes and requirements please view the Tribunal Fact Sheet here.

Tribunal Results for the 12th & 19th April

*Hugh Coltman Old Geelong (U19) Umpire Abuse 1 Match
*Kyle Best Hampton Rovers (U19) Striking 2 Matches
*Jarrod Nash St Kevins (Res) Striking 2 Matches
*Michael Larkin Hawthorn Unreasonable Rough Conduct 2 Matches
*Oliver Miles MHSOB Striking 2 Matches
*Matthew Thomas Old Melburnians Unreasonable Rough Conduct 2 Matches
*Simon Hislop Albert Park Striking 2 Matches
*Jordan Bull De La Salle Unreasonable Rough Conduct 2 Matches
Lachlan Nash Old Haileybury Striking 3 Matches

*Accepted prescribed penalty

Investigation Results Wednesday 12th April 2017

Beaumaris and Old Melburnians Seniors – Minor Melee
Both clubs fined $150 (1st offence)