Hogarth, Cheshire run rings around opposition with Round 16 SPT results

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The Round 16 Sports Performance Tracking GPS results are in and it was Williamstown CYMS and Fitzroy who took the honours in distance covered and top speed recorded.

Joel Hogarth of Williamstown CYMS followed in the footsteps of teammate, Rob Chan, from last week and topped the list after he ran a remarkable 17.5 kms in his side’s 72-point win against Kew, just shy of Collingwood’s Tom Phillips at 18.3km.

In terms of top speed, Fitzroy’s Tom Cheshire bolted past his VAFA competition at 28.10 km/h while Old Scotch star James Sansom came in a close second at 27.35 km/h.

The top 5 results of each category are as follows:

Total Distance (metres)

  1. Joel Hogarth 17,552 – Williamstown CYMS
  2. Rees Thomas 16,590 – Mazenod OCFC
  3. James Sansom 16,448 – Old Scotch FC
  4. Philip Johnson 16,402 – Williamstown CYMS
  5. Sam Lynch 15,646 – Old Scotch FC

Top Speed (km/h)

  1. Tom Cheshire 28.10 – Fitzroy FC
  2. James Sansom 27.35 – Old Scotch FC
  3. Jaydyn Hill 27.31 – Mazenod OCFC
  4. Joel Hogarth 27.07 – Williamstown CYMS
  5. Tom Warby 27.02 – Mazenod OCFC

AFL Comparisons:

Total Distance: Top Speed:
  1. Tom Phillips – 18.3km (COLL)
      1)  Scott Thompson – 34.9km/h (KANG)
  1. Steele Sidebottom – 18.2km (COLL)
      2) Nick Riewoldt – 33.6km/h (STK)
  1. Jack Crisp – 17.8km (COLL)
      3) Jaeger O’Meara – 33.1km/h (HAW)

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