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The VAFA is proud to announce the release of the Amateur Footballer in a digital format. You will now be able to download the Amateur Footballer direct to your iPad from the iTunes store.  
With the assistance from our partners at Bayford Auto Group, and using the latest technology from Slattery Media Group each edition of the Amateur Footballer is now accessible in a digital format. 
To access the app, head to the iTunes app store on your iPad and search for VAFA and you will see the app as one of the options to download. 
Best of all, the app is free!
The app has more pictures from the past weekend’s games, extra content, as well as having special offers and deals from the usual paper version of the Amateur Footballer. 
For those wondering what does this mean for the good old paper version of the record? Well fear not, it is not going anywhere. We know people love to read their weekly copy of the record at training on a Thursday night or at the game on Saturday, however having an iPad app is moving with the times, and it merely provides another avenue to promote the VAFA and broaden our audience. 
With more and more people owning tablet devices and wanting mobile digital content, the VAFA wanted to expose the Association to a wider audience, an audience that perhaps cannot get to every game or club training night to read the latest edition of the Amateur Footballer. 
We hope you enjoy the digital version of the Amateur Footballer, it couldn’t have ben done without the great support of Bayford.