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Welcome to the Carlton Draught VAFA Tipping Competition for 2013. 
This year we are excited to announce that we will be running tipping competitions to cover all senior matches in the VAFA. There will be two separate competitions; one will feature all Premier level matches and one with all Division matches. 
Most of us struggle to tip 9 correct winners each week in the AFL but Carlton Draught VAFA Tipping goes to another level. If you plan to enter only the Premier competition then you will have to submit tips to 15 matches. If you want to enter the Division competition then you will be required to tip 21 matches each week and if you think you have a grasp on the whole competition then try tipping all 36 winners in a round! 
Everyone is eligible to enter just one or both competitions should they choose. There are prizes from Carlton Draught for both competitions. 
There will be end of season and weekly prizes for the winners of each section. 
To enter head to the VAFA Tipping page on our website. You will be able to access the tipping page under the News & Media menu on the website or by typing in 
Good luck and good tipping in 2013!