Mother & son combine for MS half marathon

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Nick Armistead- @NickArmistead

Running a half marathon to raise awareness and funds for people living with multiple sclerosis is certainly a challenge, but to do so while pushing your wheelchair-bound mother is simply incredible.

Old Scotch FC’s Josh Richards will be doing just that when he takes part in the MS Melbourne Half-Marathon next weekend.

Richards, who will be playing U23’s for the Cardinals in 2019, decided to partake in this year’s event after watching his mother, Sharee, suffer from MS for almost 10 years.

“The main reason I decided to contribute to this cause is because I have seen the daily struggle that people living with MS go through and I’d like to help them,” Richards said.

“In other words, I have the ability to make a difference for MS sufferers, so why wouldn’t I?”

Multiple sclerosis is a lifelong chronic disease of the central nervous system and affects one in three Australians directly through a diagnosed family member, friend or colleague.

While there is currently no known cure, there are constantly new discoveries and advancements in treatments made possible through fundraising initiatives such as the MS Melbourne Half-Marathon.

“It is not so much about my family situation but more that I want to help people who perhaps don’t have as strong a network around them and might be going through the MS battle alone,” Richards said.

“If doing this fundraising initiative helps even just one person or family then I would have achieved what I wanted.”

If you wish to support Josh and make a donation towards multiple sclerosis research and support, please visit his page HERE