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For footballers who have spent the pre-season and early rounds playing and training on rock hard grounds, it all must have seemed a bit foreign. For tipsters, it loomed as one of those classic VAFA days where form is thrown out the window and surprise results pop up all over the place.
The conditions didn’t seem to bother St Bede’s/Mentone, who played classic wet weather footy to roll the undefeated Collegians at league headquarters. Both sides went in without key players but the Tigers gutsed it out and with their smaller players running amok, won by three goals.
The much anticipated Uni Blues and Uni Blacks game drew a large, if sodden crowd, who witnessed the Blues dish out a footballing lesson. The Blacks could only manage one goal as their bitter rivals cruised  to a 49 point victory, If you think it was cold and wet at your ground today, spare a thought for those on Beach Road. De La have an imposing record against Old Brighton and when they led at half time, another boilover was on the cards. But still smarting from their loss last week, the home side steadied to score a 14 point win and leave De La 0-6.
In the final A Section game, Old Ivanhoe got their ideal conditions but just couldn’t get a grip on Old Scotch, who hung on to win by a couple of goals.
There were no major surprises in B Section either, with Old Camberwell winning by 25 points over Old Caulfield, St Bernards by 40 points over Old Melburnians, Old Haileybury by five goals over Old Carey and Marcellin by 51 points over Beaumaris. In the close one, Old Essendon could only manage three goals but it was enough to beat a hapless St Kevins side by three points.