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There were plenty of headlines last week, but most of these are dim memories as all focus on the future. We take it one week at a time and that entails not looking back as well as not too far forward.
Surprises from last week? In Premier, no shocks. In Premier B, Beaumaris’ torching of Old Ivanhoe was the big result. What does it mean? Is this the year of the Shark? Possibly. Or are the Hoers in strife. Probably not. It’s just as likely to be a misdirection as it is a harbinger. don’t forget, Premier B can become one big gigantic mess in the mid-season, with any number of clubs bunched together. So it’s too early to tell. Premier C notables included wins by both promoted clubs, Parkdale Vultures and Banyule, and a  massive win by Rupertswood, which touched up Hampton Rovers. Ormond (coming down) pounded Glen Eira (coming up) in Division 1, Peninsula took care of the other promoted team St John’s while Mentonians were massive over Willy CY. In Div 2, the Trobers were kicked by the Turtles and St Mary’s Salesian stunned Paradians and Bulleen Temp poleaxed Prahran Assumption. Kew’s win might have been the Div 3 performance of the week, while the Div 4 shock was South Mornington’s big road win over Point Cook.
So what about tomorrow? It’s a perfect day for the fence-sitters in Premier. The five games could all go either way. Biggest pointers: Carey @ Caulfield and Brindisians @ Old Scotch.
In Prem B, it’s also hard to split them. One would be looking for a better showing from the Browns, who tangle with SKOB at the King. 
Premier C throws up Parkdale Vultures @ Old Camberwell. Interesting clash. Banyule @ PEGS v Banyule might be a beauty too.
NOBSPC @ Peninsula might be the Div 1 game of the week, while Div 2 is loaded with possibilities. The Gryphs @ the Turtles should tell us a bit. Therry @ Paradians will be big and give us something more about presumed ladder-leaders. Bulleen Temp and St Mary’s Salesian were both massive R1 winners and this might be the game of the day.
Div 3 might take a while to shake out, while in Division 4, look for Chadstone to give this game quite a shake. Point Cook would need to show some improvement on their road trip to Manningham.
Whichever game you choose to attend, you can follow them all on Live Scores on your mobile phone. All afternoon, as scores happen, the updates will come through. Connect your smartphone to and follow the prompts.
See you at the footy.