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The Hampton Rovers Football Club is leading a world-first research study, which is looking into the effects of concussion in sport. Developed by Smart Head Play, the study is being undertaken by Dr Alan Pearce at Deakin University.

There has been significant debate in recent months about concussive and sub-concussive events in sport, and the long-term effects they have. Channel Seven’s Sunday Night program recently ran a story on former Brownlow Medallist Greg Williams. Williams is showing signs of the degenerative brain disease Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), with him unable to recall large chunks of his playing career and personal life. There is evidence to suggest that this is possibly caused by knocks Williams suffered during his playing career.

As part of the Hampton Rovers’ study, around 40 senior players have come forward and have had their brain function and brain activity tested, giving a baseline result. Throughout the season, the players will be monitored and observed during games and training by representatives of Smart Head Play and Club trainers. If and when a player receives a head knock, they will be regularly re-tested a number of times in the days following the event.

All players will then be retested at the conclusion of the season, where they will have their results match up against their pre-season results.

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