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St. Bernard’s OCFC is seeking an enthusiastic football coach who has a passion for teaching and developing young men.  
We expect to have a young, talented squad of players who will be available for selection in each of our VAFA Premier division 1sts, 2nds and 3rds teams.  Our strong player numbers pre Xmas suggest we will easily have 95 senior players for season 2014, and we believe some very talented 1st and 2nd year players will be plighting their weekend football trade in our 3rds side, whilst vying for selection in our 2nds and, ultimately, our 1sts.
Those young, enthusiastic, talented players will need an equally enthusiastic coach to work alongside our existing co-coach for the 3rds, Kevin Jones.
Our existing coaching structure for season 2014 is as follows:

  • Senior Coach, Anthony Rock
  • Forward Coach, Tim Harvey
  • Backs Coach, Matt O’Connor
  • Mids game day Coach, Chris Davis


  • Coach, Chris Davis
  • Mids, Peter Wood
  • Backs, Gary McIntyre


  • Co-coach, yet to be appointed
  • Co-coach, Kevin Jones
  • Line Coach, Chris Cunningham

(* – Please note, if player numbers justify a 4th senior team again for season 2014, the committee has agreed that this side will play in the lowest level of VAFA 3rds.  A decision will be made on a 4th senior team sometime in March, dictated by the number of financial players we have training with the football club at that time).
Every side will have a dedicated whiteboard person, a runner, a team manager and a dedicated trainer(s).
In your role as a co-coach of our 3rds team, you will work directly with Kevin Jones on match day and be supported by Chris Cunningham as one additional line coach; as well as a dedicated whiteboard person; and have excellent support from a dedicated team manager and dedicated trainer.  During the week you will interact with our senior and reserves coaching staff, work with the playing group and also be given the opportunity to participate in regular “coach the coaches” sessions, held by both Anthony Rock and our senior club development coach, Simon Atkins.
If this role appeals to you, please contact our club Football Director, Craig Connelly, at [email protected].
You will either have or be willing to complete your AFL level 1 coaching accreditation.  Applications sought immediately.  The role is a voluntary role and will not be remunerated.