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The recent announcements of the VFL and AFL Umpire panels for 2014 gave the VAFAUA and VAFA many reasons to smile. 
The VAFA has been strongly represented in the VFL and the AFL in recent years and this is set to continue in 2014. This is in part due to the strength of the VAFAUA and the coaching programs provided by the VAFA Umpiring Department that help developing umpires to get the best out of themselves. This year is no exception.
Congratulations are extended to the following former VAFA Umpires who after a long preseason and trial period have been selected to umpire in the VFL/TAC Cup in 2014:
Joe Hartwig (Development Field)
Ben Nicholson (Development Field)
Matt Pryor (Development Field)
Charlie Blanch (Development Boundary) 
Congratulations are also extended to Andrew Heffernan (field), Daniel Lawlor (field), Ryan O’Shea (boundary) and Matthew Dervan (goal) on being promoted from their respective Development Panels to the Senior Panel of each discipline.
These umpires join the following former VAFA Umpires at the VFL in 2014.
Jarryd Barry (Senior Field), Nick Brown (Senior Field), Brent Wallace (Senior Field), James Scully (Senior Boundary), Chris Doyle (Senior Goal), Anthony Kyrkou (Senior Goal) and Steven Piperno (Senior Goal).
Former VAFA Umpires who are currently umpiring in the AFL are:
Jordan Bannister (Field) (2013 NAB Cup Grand Final Umpire), Chris Donlon (Field) (2011 AFL Grand Final Umpire), Leigh Fisher (Field) (Promoted in 2013 as part of the AFL’s player to umpire pathway), Simon Meredith (Field) (2012 and 2013 AFL Grand Final Umpire), Robert O’Gorman (Field) (Promoted in 2014), Matthew Jenkinson (Boundary), Damien Cusack (Boundary) (Promoted in 2014) and Michael Saunders (Boundary) (2012/2013 NAB Cup Grand Final Umpire and 2013 AFL Grand Final Umpire).
Anyone thinking about umpiring across any discipline or any players that have had one injury too many and are looking to transition to becoming an umpire should contact Brian Goodman at the VAFA on 9537 6700 or [email protected]  
Once again the VAFAUA and the VAFA is proud to continue to provide the VFL and then AFL with quality umpires. For more information about the VAFAUA can be found at their website where this story was first published.