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The VAFA Tribunal last night handed down a two and a half year ban to Northern Blues U19 player, Mohamed Kodsi, for intentionally, recklessly or negligently making contact with or striking an umpire.
Kodsi will not be eligible to play until the 2017 season and will be required to apply to AFL Victoria in order to obtain a permit to play. 
The charge of intentionally, recklessly or negligently making contact with or striking an umpire, from the AFL Laws of the Game, was applied in that Kodsi grabbed hold of umpire Colbert and threw him to the ground. 
Kodsi attended the tribunal and pleaded guilty and the charge was sustained.  
VAFA CEO Michael Sholly said, “The VAFA strongly supports the independence of the tribunal in determining the suspension of Mohamed Kodsi.” 
“The VAFA does not shy away from protecting all participants on the ground and most importantly protecting the umpires, who are sacrosanct. The VAFA prides itself on being a safe competition for all participants and the VAFA will use all measures to ensure this is upheld.”
“The VAFA is proud of the support it provides to all our umpires. With over 700 umpires taking the field each weekend we continue to provide the best coaching and opportunities for future pathways to higher levels.”
“This is an extremely unusual case in the VAFA. The VAFA administers over 2300 matches each year and this case is the first where a player has been found guilty of manhandling an umpire in over a decade.”
VAFA Round 7-8 resumes this Saturday before the Queen’s Birthday bye weekend for club football.