Media Release: Beaumaris FC

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Following a hearing of the Independent Integrity Hearing Panel last night in respect of an appeal lodged by Beaumaris Football Club, the panel has found that:

In respect of ground 1, that there was an error of law that had a material impact on the decision, the majority of the panel found there was no error of law. The decision of VAFA as to breach of Rules 50C and 50 by the Club is confirmed.

In respect of ground 2, that the sanction imposed was manifestly excessive, the panel found the deemed ineligibility of the player under Rule 50C and the forfeiture of matches in Round 11 and 12 is an automatic consequence under the Rules. The panel accepts that in respect of Round 11 the fine imposed by the VAFA was manifestly excessive and will modify that fine to $200, resulting in total fine of $1,200 payable by the Club.

Overall, pursuant to VAFA Rule 50C and 50, Beaumaris Football Club will lose any premiership points and percentages gained in Round 11 and 12 of the Premier B Men’s competition. Each such match will be awarded to the opposition club which shall have the option of including both scores in its percentage or not including either. The adjusted ladder will be published shortly.