VAFA clubs cash in

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In 2023, VAFA clubs investigated a variety of avenues to generate revenue for their club and explore avenues to financially support programs and initiatives being delivered at clubs.

Three of these opportunities were the AFL Victoria Strategic Community Investment Fund, which supported projects and initiatives to make clubs safer and reduce the burden on volunteers, the TAC Club Rewards Program, which allowed clubs to generate revenue for spreading the TAC Road Safety message and the Good for Footy Raffle, which saw clubs sell virtual raffle tickets, with 100% of ticket sales going directly to VAFA clubs.

The Strategic Community Investment Fund was successfully applied to by 18 clubs in 2023 with a total amount of funds received of $186,000. These funds will be used on projects that include scoreboard updates, installation of netting behind goals adjacent to busy roads, the purchase of ‘inclusive’ guernseys as well as the purchase of software and hardware to reduce manual cash handling at VAFA clubs.  The association total of $186,000 was the highest amount funded for an individual league within Victoria.

The Good for Footy Raffle represented a great chance for clubs to fundraise while offering fantastic prizes courtesy of Toyota. 17 VAFA clubs registered to sell tickets as part of the raffle with a combined figure of $46,900 raised. Two clubs stood out with their fundraising efforts, with South Melbourne Districts and Fitzroy FC raising $9,010 and $8,210 respectively.

Clubs also generated funds through the TAC Club Rewards program in 2023, with 19 clubs generating $61,450 through their promotion and engagement with the TAC Road Safety Round. Support and engagement for the round included highlighting the TAC Road Safety message on media platforms, wearing the blue TAC Armband on game day and promoting an environment of road safety. West Brunswick AFC and St Bernards FC lead the way securing $6,400 and $6,800 for their efforts.

All funds raised from the TAC Club Rewards Program and Good for Footy Raffle can be used in any way that the club receiving the funds deems appropriate.

The total amount generated for VAFA clubs through these three initiatives was $294,350 and all clubs should be congratulated on their efforts to position their clubs strongly by engaging with initiatives that support revenue generation at their club.

If your club would like support generating revenue through fundraising or would like support submitting any grant applications that can support your club, please reach out to VAFA Clubs & Community Manager, Sean Walker – [email protected].