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The VAFA Certificate of Merit is recognition of fine service to club and to the Association. This year, eight received the prestigious award.


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Ivan Board (Old Westbourne) Has been on the committee since 1995 and President from 1997-2008. Was also Vice President for 2 years.  Received Life Membership in 2004.  Ivan has been at the forefront of maintaining the integrity and status of Amateur football not only within the club within the local community.


Tim Corrigan (St Kevin’s) Player from 1974-1994 at all levels. Club president between 1995-98, and again from 2001-03. During his time as president St Kevin’s advanced from Premier C to Premier. Has served St Kevin’s for over 35 consecutive years. 


Marty Kelliher (De La Salle) Has had a 30 year involvement. Played 80 games for the club, was Secretary for three years and President for three. Reserves Coach for five years and has undertaken various other executive and general committee positions. Currently Vice President. 


Kevin Matherson (Prahran Assumption) Has 27 years service as a player, committeemen and president. He was the captain from 1985 – 90 and B & F Winner in 1986 when they won the flag. He has been on the committee since 1989. President from 2000 – 2005. In 2012, Kevin takes on the role of Football Director


Geoff McCracken (Old Scotch) Over 30 years service to Old Scotch.

Has held a number of roles within the OSFC, including as Secretary and General Manager for an extended period. Geoff currently is the position of OSFC’s Football Administration Manager. This commitment extends to attending every training session, and making sure his club presents itself in the best possible way.


Phil O’Donoghue (Emmaus St Leo’s) 35 years of outstanding service to the club. Has been president, secretary and on the committee for over 20 years. Head trainer and VAFA trainer for the C-D4 side for over 5 years. Received best clubman award 3 times. Has also been property steward, cook, caterer, club record keeper and club photographer. 


Rob Pearce (Ivanhoe) Has contributed to the Ivanhoe AFC for over 20 years and has held a number of committee positions over the years and still continues as a tireless worker for the club. has held the office of President for 7 years, 2000 to 2004 and 2008 to 2010 and Secretary 1999. He has also been part of the general committee for all other seasons.


Robert Goode ( Swinburne) Robert was a founding member of the Swinburne University Amateur Football Club which was established in 1995. He holds the record number of games played for Swinburne, which currently stands at 235 games. 10 years on Swinburne’s committee, including 5 as treasurer. Robert often volunteered to be team manager on game day for both senior and reserve grades even when he was scheduled to play. Robert became a life member of the Swinburne University Amateur Football Club In 2010 after 15 years of continuous service.