Latest AFL Vic RTP Protocols

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Brett Connell – VAFA CEO

Please find the most up to date RTP protocols, please refer to and follow these directly.

Club Luncheons

For clarification the VAFA advise that club luncheons planned for the next (2) weekends (July 31/August 1 & August 7 & 8) should not proceed given attendees would be considered as “spectators” if onsite.

As per the RTP protocols the only people allowed to attend community sport are those directly involved with matches, we do not consider luncheon guests as people directly involved in matches and therefore would be considered spectators.

While we appreciate the need for clubs to operate facilities (canteen & bar for an after match) for participants and matchday officials, we request that any club related luncheons onsite not proceed.

Once all matches have concluded, after match functions can proceed for those involved directly with the game – as per “Hospitality” directions included in the table below.

In the interests of following the RTP protocols as outlined we implore all of our VAFA community to “do the right thing”.

It gives us no joy to make these requests, however in the interests of public health and safety we implore all VAFA clubs and their communities to accede to these requests.

AFL Victoria Press Release:

Table of Restrictions

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